Tion Industries Air speeder

Streamlined vehicle with vertical take off capabilities and newly replaced fuel line


Hyperfoil 1000
Craft: Tion Industries, Civil Aeronautics Division Hyperfoil 1000-XTC
Type: VTOL (Vertical Take Off/Landing) speeder
Scale: Speeder
Length: 15 meters
Skill: Repulsorlift operation
Crew: 1
Crew Skill: Varies widely
Passengers: 2
Cargo Capacity: 100 kilograms
Cover: Full
Altitude Range: Ground level-60 meters
Cost: 12,500 (new), 7,000 (used)
Maneuverability: 2D+2
Move: 105; 300 kmh
Body Strength: 9/9
Source: Galladinium’s Fantastic Technology (page 14), Arms and Equipment Guide (page 78)


Tion Industries Air speeder

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