Resurrection Armor


Base Suit: AR 11, no Dex penalty
12 Hour Life Support in any hostile Environment
2D Bonus to Stamina to resist environment (heat/cold/acid/gravity/inertia)
AR 5 vs EMP/Ion
Base Cost: 2,650

Sensor Resistant: 3D Sneak Vs Sensors : 1,920

Diving System: 3D Swim MOVE 30: 90 KP/H, 250 meter depth : 2,240

Adhesion Grips/Magnetic Soles: 3D Athletics for climbing: 1,120

Repulsorlift Flight: 4D maneuver bonus to Powersuit, MOV 40: 115 KP/H, Altitude 150 meters, Silent: 2,200

Microrockets: Space-1 for 5 rounds: 700

Emotion Supression System: 3D Willpower boost vs Shock/horror: 1,200

Grav Compensators: No penalties for High/Low G: 5,000

IR/UV/Ultrasound Sensors: No Darkness Penalties to 50 meters: 1,800

Optical Targeting/Tracking: 3D Fire control for linked weapons: 1,250

Optical Enhancement/Image clarification: 3D Search Bonus: 1,175

Neural Interface Web: 3D Programming/Astrogation bonus when linked to computer: 6,000

Radiation Shielding: 3D Stamina bonus vs Radiation: 960

Active Camouflage: 3D Hide bonus: 385

Automated Lifeform, Motion, Communications Scanning: 7D Sensor skill , 1.5 KM range: 5,000

Security Bypass System/Tools: 3D Security Bonus: 8,000

Subspace Transmission Com: 3 “hours” range, Very difficult to detect signal, Heroic to unscramble: 1,800

2 wrist mounted scomp link to interface to weapons/computers/vehicles: 1,600

45,000 Credits Total Cost


Resurrection Armor

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