Ralla Nel

Medic, Technician, Gunslinger.


Character Information:

Race: Mirialan

Age: 28

Height: 1.8 Meters tall (5 Feet 9 Inches approximately)

Health Points: 9/9
Evasion: 18
Armor Rating: 9

Current Character Points Total: 29
Character points that were not spent on skills: 6
Lifetime Character points: 71

Force points: 3

Dark side Points: 0

Languages: Basic, Mirialan

Current Wealth: 18,804 Credits

Move: 10


Dexterity : 4D

Bows: 4D

Dancing: 4D

Dodge: 6D

Firearms: 6D
— Blasters: 7D

Heavy weapons: 4D

Melee: 4D

Pick Pocket: 4D

Running: 4D

Thrown Weapons: 4D

Knowledge 3D

Alien Species: 3D

Bureaucracy: 3D

Business: 3D

Cultures: 3D

Languages: 3D

Law Enforcement: 3D

Planetary Systems: 3D

Scholar: 3D

Streetwise: 3D

Survival: 3D

Tactics: 3D

Value: 3D

Willpower: 3D

Mechanical: 2D
Astrogation: 2D

Beast Riding: 2D

Communications: 2D+1

Ground Vehicle Operation: 2D

Musical Instrument: 2D

Power Suit Operation: 2D

Repulsor Lift Operation: 2D

Sensors: 2D+1

Starship Gunnery: 2D+1

Starship Piloting: 2D+1

Perception: 2D

Bargain: 2D

Command: 2D

Con: 2D

Forgery: 2D

Gambling: 2D

Hide: 2D

Investigation: 2D

Persuasion: 2D

Search: 2D

Sneak: 2D

Strength 3D

Brawling: 3D

Climbing/Jumping: 3D

Intimidation: 3D

Lifting: 3D

Stamina: 3D

Swimming: 3D

Technical: 4D

Armor Repair: 4D

Blaster Repair: 4D

Computer Program/Repair: 5D

Demolitions: 4D

Droid Programming/Repair: 5D + 1
— Droid Engineering: 2D+1

First Aid: 5D + 1
— Medicine: 2D+1

Lightsaber Repair: 4D

Musical Instrument Repair: 4D

Repulsorlift Repair: 4D

Security: 4D

Starship Repair: 4D

Starship Weapon Repair: 4D

Vehicle Repair: 4D

Force Stats:

Control: 1D
Sense: 1D
Alter: 1D

Force Powers:


Control Pain:

Control Difficulty: Very Easy for wounded or stunned characters, Easy for incapacitated characters, Difficult for mortally wounded characters. The power can be kept “up”, so the character can ignore the pain of injuries for a long period of time. However, whenever the character is injured again, the Jedi must make a new control pain roll, with the difficulty being the new level of injury.

Effect: A wounded Jedi who controls pain can act as if she has not been wounded, starting with the round after the power roll has been made. The wound is not healed, but the character doesn’t suffer the penalties of being wounded: a wounded Jedi doesn’t suffer any die code penalties; an incapacitated character can still act normally, as can a mortally wounded character. This power can also be used to shrug off any stun results. However, the character is still injured, and thus is prone to getting worse, even if the Jedi doesn’t feel the pain. For example, a character who’s been wounded twice and is wounded again would still become incapacitated. Mortally wounded Jedi may still die from their injuries, even if they aren’t feeling any pain.


Life Detection:
Sense Difficulty: Very Easy if the subject has Force skills or is Force-sensitive; Moderate if not. Modified by relationship. This power may be kept "up. "

Effect: This power allows Jedi to detect live sentient beings who might otherwise remain hidden. When the power is activated, the Jedi knows the location of all sentients within 10 meters — if the power is kept “up,” the Jedi may know whenever a sentient approaches within 10 meters of them or vice versa. When approached by or approaching sentient creatures, the Jedi should make a sense roll; each creature makes an opposed control or Perception roll to avoid detection. (These rolls don’t count as actions, so there are no die code penalties except those caused by injury.) The Jedi detects each being that she ties or beats. If the Jedi beats the target’s roll by 10 or more points, she is aware if this person has Force skills (yes or no), is Force-sensitive (yes or no), if she has met the person before (yes or no), and if yes, their identity.


Alter Difficulty:

Very Easy for objects weighing one kilogram or less;
Easy for objects weighing one to ten kilograms;
Moderate for objects 11 to 100 kilograms;
Difficult for 101 kilograms to one metric ton;
Very Difficult for 1,001 kilograms to ten metric tons;
Heroic for objects weighing 10,001 kilograms to 100 metric tons.
Object may be moved at 10 meters per round; add +5 per additional 10 meters per round. The target must be in sight of the Jedi.

Increased difficulty if object isn’t moving in simple, straight-line movement:
+ 1 to +5 for gentle turns.
+ 6 to +10 for easy maneuvers.
+11 to +25 or more for complex maneuvers, such as using a levitated lightsaber to attack.
Modified by proximity.
This power may be kept “up.”

Effect: This power allows the Jedi to levitate and move objects with the power of her mind alone. If used successfully, the object moves as the Jedi desires. A Jedi can levitate several objects simultaneously, but each additional object requires a new telekinesis roll. This power can be used to levitate oneself or others. It can be used as a primitive space drive in emergencies.
When used to levitate someone against their will, the target may resist by adding her Perception or control roll to the difficulty number. Levitated objects can be used to attack other characters, but this automatically gives the Jedi a Dark Side Point. Such
objects do ID damage if under a kilogram, 2D if one to ten kilos, 4D if 11 to 100 kilos, 3D speeder-scale damage if 101 kilos to one metric ton, 3D starfighter-scale damage if one to ten tons and 5D starfighter-scale damage if 11 to 100 metric tons. Such attacks require an additional control roll by the Jedi, which acts as an attack roll against the target’s dodge. If the target doesn’t dodge the attack, the difficulty is Easy.


On Person:
Personal Comlink
Koromondain Half-Vest
“Bajic” Blaster Pistol
Blaster Target board
Portable Clip Recharger
Medpac (2)
Water Purifying Canteen
Ration Concentrates (42)
Datadisk containing personnel Medical files. Needs to be used in conjunction with Ralla’s Datapad to access the files.
Jung-Ju tree-fiber Collar and leash, with a pet tag.
Standard clothing (Pants, Shirt, socks, boots)
Westar-34 × 2 modified with a stun setting.

On Ship:
Armor Repair kit
Blaster Repair kit
Ralla’s Datapad: Ralla’s personal Datapad used in conjunction with the Datadisk to access personal medical file of each Crew Member.
Spacer’s Chest
Fancy dress (Worth 300 credits)
Civilian clothing (Robes with hoods, Vest, shirts, pants, boots, belts) x 2
2 Disguise kits
Ubese Raider armor

Special Abilities:

Frigid Environment: Mirialans get +2 pip bonus to survival when in temperatures below 0.

Radiation Resistance: Mirialans gain +1 pip bonus to Strength to resist the harmful effects of radiation.

Story Factors:

Tribal Tattoos: Mirialans have tribal tattoos all over their face and bodies. The more elaborate the tattoo the greater the task that was completed. Mirialans gain tattoos all of their lives, each time they complete a task they receive another tattoo. The application of these tattoos is very painful, it is considered to be great disrespect when a Mirialan is afraid to receive or will not accept one.


Born on Berchest in the Anthos sector of the Inner Rim. Ralla Nel’s father worked as a Technician for many of the branches of companies on Berchest, plying his skill with Technology specializing in computers and machines. Ralla would follow her father to work and watch him tinker and worker on various tech. Over time she began learning from her father, tinkering with pieces of tech at home. Her mother worked with the local infirmary for workers who are sick, or had been hurt during factory work. Her mother taught her basic medical treatment, procedures for medical work, and much more about the field. Over time Ralla had come to love both the Tech and Medical trade. She went to serve as an technician for Computers, Droids, and other forms of Tech repair, while also studying to be a medical professional. Shortly after she began word spread about the Trade federation’s invasion of Naboo. Her parents grew concerned for the safety of their daughter and bought her a weak blaster pistol to learn how to shoot so that she could defend herself. She finished her career in medical knowledge a couple of years later.

In time she grew to wonder about the galaxy beyond her home. Ralla continued to work helping her father with various Technological projects, while working at the infirmary. She began saving credits for when she could invest in a ship ride off world. This is when she met a strange creature called Sable, a Kushiban pilot looking to buy his own ship. The company her father worked at had a ship sitting around in a bit of disrepair. Ralla and her father invested into Sable, giving him enough credits to buy the ship along with parts to fix it up. Ralla, Her father, and Sable got the ship in working order within a couple week. This was her chance to see the galaxy, so she asked if she could join Sable on the newly named ship The Aetherial. Since then she has been helping maintain the ship, and working along side Sable on the odd jobs they perform, taking in the sights, and sounds with each planet they stop on.

Ralla Nel

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