The Chronicles of the Aetherial

Wott Journal Entry #2

Going into the taung’s room you seem him passed out on his bed in a bloody mess. His eyes were swollen and his breathing was slow as he seemed to have been in a fight recently his datapad laid unlocked this time as if he had been on it just before passing out.

Data entry #00000002

“My warrior pride got me in trouble again as I battled a Dazouri. It seemed harmless, but then once I scared it….It turned into this monster. We battled and I was able to do a bit of damage to it, but it got the better of me in the end. I was trying to get enough money to gather the rest of the parts that I need to repair my weapon. Then I need to find the crystal for it, but which crystal type should I use? A question for later I need to lie down.”


scandi_the_viking Silentboxer

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