The Chronicles of the Aetherial

Ralla's Personal Log, Entry:2

You sneak into Ralla’s cabin within the Aetherial. You go looking about for the Datapad. (Search check Easy difficult). After a bit you find a trunk underneath her bed. You quickly deduce that it is a Spacer’s chest. (See wiki page for how to open).
Failure to open the chest: The Lock remains locked, and if any damage is made to the chest, it is noticeable. Ralla will be mad.

By Force: You managed to force your way through, destorying the lock and usability of the Spacer’s chest. Ralla will notice this and will be extremely mad. You look inside to find Ralla’s datapad, a few kits among other things.
By picking the lock: You subtly pick the lock, careful to not damage the lock’s mechanism, or have any indication of it being opened. Inside is two kits, Ralla’s Datapad and a few other personal items. You pick up the Datapad and turn it on.
The Home screen is set to ask for a password to login. (Medium Computer Programming check to bypass the password system.)

Failure to Login:
The Datapad’s screen reads as such:
Failed to log in. Cannot attempt a login for twelve hours. Any login attempts will automatically be ignored.
As the text disappears, a new line of text appears over a lock symbol on the screen:
“Confidential files contained within. To any who are reading this I will find out who. Best to go hide in your cabin. Or buy me some Icecream made with Bantha milk and I may let it slide. Sincerely, Ralla Nel."

Successful Login:
You click on the Journal application. Two categories are listed as such:
>Personal Journal
>Crew Medical Files.

You decide to open the personal log. There is currently only two entries within, you pick the most recent one:

Galactic Standard Year: 25019 Galactic Standard Month: 7 Galactic Standard day: 5

Ralla’s log entry 2. After some quick buzzing about on a few planets we have made landing on Corellia. Famous star port, and major trade hub of the Galaxy. I have begin taking classes to better understand the more….alien of races in the galaxy as of now, it would be helpful so that I can understand the more exotic species of our crew.

So to highlight points of our brief time here.

Reika and I are attending classes. While I was installing the bioscan, she stopped by to show me her new pet cat. Waffles. Adorable little kitty cat. So we chat for some time, then went to go get supplies so Waffles will be comfortable on the ship. I change my opinion of her. She is a tough but good person. But there is always rough edges that must be hewed to see the gem beneath. A tad silly, but a good heart.

Other then that Grim got beat up again. Something about his teacher beating him up. Was about to get an explanation but Reika knocked him out. Probably tired of his mouth. Runs the gab quite a bit. So I have had people come to me with their broken toys, and done some fixing to various pieces of Tech, from Droids to a power armor. Quite a busy couple of days for me. Sigh. Need to take some time off to go and have some fun while on Corellia.


scandi_the_viking Renodrach

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