The Chronicles of the Aetherial

Grim bounty log #2: The life of grim

Grim harker, Bounty log # 2

Writing this report, I question if im still a bounty hunter or just another god damn merc looking for a paycheck with human lives. Its not like I do that with being a bounty hunter but at least I have the deceny to take them in alive.

Since my last little entry, life on the atherial has been a clusterfuck of murder, recruitment, getting the shit beat out of me on multiple occasions. And oh yeah, killing a bunch of “evil” people.

Starting where the last one left off, bruce decided the crew looked fun to be around and came on board, to celebreate we went to a nearby bar which my teacher spoke of highly. Low and behold he was there and gave me a wonderful reminder on why I repress all memories besides the training itself of our history.

A bar fight insued over some nonchalant bullshit, so bruce and his new drinking palls, (kage and some tentacle monster thing) and it escalates very quickly. I think of joining in, but the lizard man has other ideas and decides it would be nice to grab my leg and drag me to the floor as I jump into the fray… done talking about that subject…brings up all the pain I felt

So at this point, we got a job and start hopping planets… and there’s no work for a bounty hunter….GOD DAMN BOUNTY HUNTER AUTHORITY!

Note #1: be sure to remind Sebastian that throwing my data pad at the wall doesn’t mean to order a new one.

So in the last leg of the trip…I arrive home on corellia…..and we need our ship fixed up for newer occupants…….

Note #2: never remind your parents you’re alive by arriving home with chocolate and beer and nice gifts, you just get beaten the shit out of for hiding out so long.

Long story short, the crew needs a place to stay and I call “Zordo” to arrange a house for us…its nice and it seems like life will get easier from now on.

Till a drug ring pops up and we decided to dive in for cash and glory…just like a god damn merc…

We succeed again, as for my health, it was once again nearly taken as more blaster bolts left more scars then I can count.
Note #3: at this rate, becoming a merc doesn’t seem so bad, ill ask the lizard for advice on how to put my name out there…Ill follow the code Zordo and kage gave me, but at this rate, why am I even called a bounty hunter.

And now I sit here, in my room, with a talking robot butler who was effectively a father figure to me which I now have to update him on the times, and my guns..
Life seems pretty much shit so far doesn’t it

End log

Note#4: possibly see therapist for possible episodes of depression and other mood swings


scandi_the_viking John0harker

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