The Chronicles of the Aetherial

Crew Medical Log, Entry 6: Grim Harker

It has been some time since the crew has returned to Karlarba after performing the first delivery job. After four weeks of drydock, Ralla has asked each crew member to have a physical for every crew member. The results of each member’s medical history and information is within two halves of a program that is spliced, requiring both Ralla’s Datapad and Ralla’s Datadisk to fully access the information. Should the items be used then it will take a Heroic level check to bypass the security for each single file.

Medical Log, Entry 6: Harker, Grim
Galactic Standard Year: 25019, Month: 7, Day: 7

Physical Health report:
Physical Status:
Head: Large scar running down the right eye, other then that, quite healthy. Small bruise on the cheek (That is mostly my fault. Bruce involved).
Arms/Hands: Large amount of scars, Blaster scars, some melee scars, well toned arms, moves with ease, slightly flexible. Overall a rough/rugged appearance.
Torso: Left Shoulder tattoo depicting what looks like a skull maybe? A scar has ruined most of it.There are various weapon scars all over the Torso. Smaller scars towards the hip, indicating a knife wounds perhaps? All the scars seem to have faded with time. Muscle structure is above average, rugged build, but enough to have some flexibility.
Legs and Feet: No scaring to note, toned muscles above your average person, agile and slightly more flexible than the average person.
Vitals: Healthy, no previous damage.

Personal Notes: This guy…… so lets keep this professional. Where to start. Well. Scars everywhere, indicator his work as bounty hunter is, as expected, led to a lot of fighting and injuries during his profession. Yet, a lot of these are very faded. Perhaps involved in Military action of some kind prior to his career as a bounty hunter? Who knows?! Perhaps maybe a cup of coffee and some time and maybe he will warm up.


scandi_the_viking Renodrach

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