The Chronicles of the Aetherial

Crew Medical Log, Entry 5: Reika

It has been some time since the crew has returned to Karlarba after performing the first delivery job. After four weeks of drydock, Ralla has asked each crew member to have a physical for every crew member. The results of each member’s medical history and information is within two halves of a program that is spliced, requiring both Ralla’s Datapad and Ralla’s Datadisk to fully access the information. Should the items be used then it will take a Heroic level check to bypass the security for each single file.

Medical Log, Entry 5: Reika
Galactic Standard Year: 25019, Month: 7, Day: 7

Physical Health report:
Physical Status:
Head: Almost exactly the same as a human except without eyes. This is odd due to the inclusion of Orbit cavity in the skull, and yet no eyes are there. When moving the light source back forth she was capable of following it. It is said that her race sees through force.
Arms/Hands: Various scars running over the arms, very faded so they have been there for some time. Other than that, they are healthy. Well toned.
Torso: Well toned, not quite as limber as other Near humans. Healthy, nothing to note.
Legs and Feet: Scars, not too fresh, very faded. Well toned.
Vitals: Healthy.

Personal Notes: Aside from what is to be expected with a Miraluka. She is well toned, and in shape. No doubt partly due Bruce’s Training. Need to inquire about the scars. Other than that she needs to keep the piece of cloth over her “eyes”.


scandi_the_viking Renodrach

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