The Chronicles of the Aetherial

Crew Medical Log, Entry 4: Borfel

It has been some time since the crew has returned to Karlarba after performing the first delivery job. After four weeks of drydock, Ralla has asked each crew member to have a physical for every crew member. The results of each member’s medical history and information is within two halves of a program that is spliced, requiring both Ralla’s Datapad and Ralla’s Datadisk to fully access the information. Should the items be used then it will take a Heroic level check to bypass the security for each single file.

Medical Log, Entry 4: Borfel
Galactic Standard Year: 25019, Month: 7, Day: 7

Physical Health report:
Physical Status:
Head: No scarring, no tattoos, no damage. Quick eyes that dart, Reptilian shaped, covered in think scales. Many Pointed teeth in the mouth and jaw.
Arms/Hands:No scarring, no tattoos, no damage. Natural flexibility, and durable, expected for a predatory race. Very powerful claws/hands.
Torso: Blaster burns, appears to have been shot but no serious damage, very minor. Scales covered in a deep swamp green, thick layer of fat beneath the scale, perhaps a natural evolution to allow movement in lower degree temperatures. Resembles Trandoshans in a way.
Legs and Feet: No scarring, No Tattoos, Very powerful and limber.
Vitals: Checks out Healthy.

Personal Notes: Not much to say, really strong predatory senses, similar to a Trandoshan but still different.


scandi_the_viking Renodrach

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