The Chronicles of the Aetherial

Crew Medical Log, Entry 3: Ripzara

It has been some time since the crew has returned to Karlarba after performing the first delivery job. After four weeks of drydock, Ralla has asked each crew member to have a physical for every crew member. The results of each member’s medical history and information is within two halves of a program that is spliced, requiring both Ralla’s Datapad and Ralla’s Datadisk to fully access the information. Should the items be used then it will take a Heroic level check to bypass the security for each single file.

Medical Log, Entry 3: Ripzara
Galactic Standard Year: 25019, Month: 7, Day: 7

Physical Health report:
Physical Status:
Head:Heavily tattooed, interesting designs, cultural perhaps? No forms of damage to cranial structure or the Lekku. The Lekku extends above the average length for a common Twi’lek, a symbol of respect within their culture. Due to the sensitivity of Lekku I imagine he was unconscious when they tattooed it.
Arms/Hands: Nothing to report outside long nails. Twi’leks have their nails form like natural claws, most likely a survival aspect of genetic makeup. Toned above average, yet contains the limber and flexibility as expected from Twi’leks. No tattoos, no scars, healthy.
Torso: Above the average Twi’leks strength but not built like Body builders, Limber, has the flexibility that Twi’leks are known for. His color of skin indicates he comes from the Rutian tribe, most common tribe of Twi’leks seen within the galaxy. No tattoos, no scars, all healthy.
Legs and Feet: As above so below, above average toned muscles, the design of the legs are built for limber, and flexible movements. No tattooing, no scars, all within good health.
Vitals: Checks out healthy, like all Twi’leks multiple stomachs exist, and each one checks out healthy.

Personal Notes: Rip. Interesting specimen. Twi’leks are fascinating race indeed. Well storied, well cultured. He is perceptive, very perceptive. To be expected. Have above the average strength but his flexibility of his body, much like most Twi’leks, is well beyond that of some races in the galaxy. I will inquire about his tattoos later. See if they have cultural significance. His eyes show the mark of a deeper wisdom than he lets on. This is to be expected from someone who studied under a “Jedi”( Jedi is written in Mirialan, make a Languages check DC:20). Either way he is welcomed as member of the crew. Need some thinkers around on the ship. A second wiser opinion never hurts.


scandi_the_viking Renodrach

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