The Chronicles of the Aetherial

Crew Medical Log, Entry 1: Testa, Bruce

It has been some time since the crew has returned to Karlarba after performing the first delivery job. After four weeks of drydock, Ralla has asked each crew member to have a physical for every crew member. The results of each member’s medical history and information is within two halves of a program that is spliced, requiring both Ralla’s Datapad and Ralla’s Datadisk to fully access the information. Should the items be used then it will take a Heroic level check to bypass the security for each single file

Medical Log, Entry 1: Bruce Testa
Galactic Standard Year: 25019, Month: 7, Day: 7

Physical Health report:
Physical Status:
Head: Slightly scarred due to prior history as a Shockboxer (And a tough customer as they come.)
Arms/hands: Various types of scarring. Some from a form of energy based weaponry, perhaps blasters?, Places where Shrapnel was most likely removed. Scars related to shock boxing.
Torso: Ripped. Sculpted. Many words for it. Muscles built surprisingly well, somewhat unnatural even for your usual Gamorrean. More scarring than the arms.
Legs and Feet: Right leg is cybernetic, ranging from what I can tell it goes up to the hip. Left leg has more scarring but nothing to indicate the loss of the right leg.
Vitals: Healthy, Stable, No prior damage

Personal Notes:
Bruce Testa…..quite the specimen. Physically in shape to a great physique for his race. The scarring indicates him doing a lot of other work since his early retirement from the shock boxing league. He is a habitual drinker, to the point I wonder if it even affects him. There is something odd about the muscle structure, it is above and beyond normal. The scanner could not pick anything up. I will need to invest in a Bio scan to confirm any suspicions.


scandi_the_viking Renodrach

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