The Chronicles of the Aetherial

Bounty Log: Grim Harker

Life on the Aetherial seems good at best, our course has taken us to a more urban like planet, however it would seem bounties are taken by a short little guy that can take on those 100 times its size apparently.

Note to self: Don’t mess with his work, That or look into him and figure out how i can get ahead

only jobs available basic runaway jobs, bail runners for cheap credits sadly so i wont be upgrading my equipment anytime soon.

Went to go pick up Rakka? (Another note: remember how to spell her name in the logs) Found her talking with legendary shockboxer Bruce tesla, The day brightened up after that

Had to knock out our raptor friend, little bastard was playing with my cars horn in the middle of the night,

Reminder: get him some flowers or some kind of meat to snack on as apology

2nd Reminder: The day only brightened up for a short while

A week or so in we found a job, problem is with the newer occupants on board, our ship needs to be retrofitted with better life support, and the fact that the shipment is going to take a month to get here, I really needed to find a job

Little bounty hunter bagged another one, seems to get up bright and early to go hunting so this area is dry for bounties….Had to teach a class in gun saftey to make something out of this…

Note #2: Take anger management classes, shooting my gun at targets downrange only makes this worse apparently

Rakka? was attacked on ship, believe it to by a rogue cow tipper or the cow itself was to blame….Because she went out to go pet it for roughly 4 hours….Sometimes i miss the old days of work.

Time seemed to drag along as less and less work came my way and more and more time my trigger finger itched,

Note #3: Equipment inspection is a great way to relax

Note#4: Get a notebook to write notes to myself instead of in my log

Decided it would be best to go out and use my skills to….be an arbiter between the underground of this planet…..Had to inspect my equipment 3 times in a single day…This is just perfect

Good news on the horizon though, our local…blue guy…Cant remember his name for the life of me, seems to be pretty good at gambling, too good as the casinos are now looking out for him as he cleaned house.

Went to a Sniper competition, won it, the folks there seemed nice, sadly the event is only once in a while and its going to be a while till it happens again, ill be gone by then

And now the bad news, recents events seems to have stirred the group up a bit, The Tang seems to want to split off and make his own money, used his winnings to get himself a ship and wants me on aboard…I accepted

Note#5: Dont tell Kage….If he finds out on his own…..i don’t know

End log…..

Note#6: Really need to get some better skills at writing these logs, feels like i just wrote a god damn grocery list.


scandi_the_viking John0harker

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